The Kingdom Of Paramithi is the soundtrack of The Kingdom Of Paramithi TV Series. It was released on the 7th of May, 2009.


  1. The Kingdom Of Paramithi
  2. Introduction
  3. Three Little Bowls
  4. Introduction
  5. Tell A Tale Of Puss In Boots
  6. Introduction
  7. Medal Presentation
  8. My Name Is Robin Hood
  9. Anastasia's Song
  10. Introduction
  11. Let's Get The Costumes
  12. I'm Paramithi's King
  13. Poor Lovely Swan
  14. The Marching Soldiers Song
  15. So Now I'm A King
  16. Now We Can Put On A Show
  17. Introduction
  18. I Am A Green Frog
  19. Three Lovely Chairs
  20. We Need A Cast
  21. I Am Captain Jeremiah
  22. Introduction
  23. Pinocchio
  24. The Batter Song
  25. Introduction
  26. Cinderella's Song
  27. I Sail Across The Sea
  28. We Prayed For The Sight Of The Navy
  29. I'm The Major General Of Paramithi
  30. Introduction
  31. Three Lovely Beds
  32. Here's A Magic Lamp
  33. Let Me In, It's Cold And Raining
  34. Faint Heart Never Won The Treasure
  35. Introduction
  36. It's Goodbye

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