[[Dorothy The Dinosaur TV Series 1|
Barney's Colorful World Live! (2004) - Home Video Trailer01:11

Barney's Colorful World Live! (2004) - Home Video Trailer

Dorothy The Dinosaur TV Series 1]] is the 1st Dorothy The Dinosaur solo TV series.
A DVD of all the episodes was released in 2006.


  1. Captain Feathersword And The Dinosaur Book
  2. Wags Brings Hula Hoops
  3. Irish Dancing
  4. Henry Brings Seaweed For Dorothy's Garden
  5. A Gift For Captain Feathersword
  6. Wags The And Mirror
  7. Fairies In The Rain
  8. A Border Of Shells
  9. Captain Feathersword Cooks
  10. Wags Does His Own Dance
  11. The Fairies Swing And Dance
  12. Henry And Dorothy Dance A Jig
  13. Captain Feathersword And The Beautiful Dancing Dinosaur
  14. Wags And Dorothy Have A Picnic
  15. Dancing Like Butterflies
  16. Henry And The Music
  17. Captain Feathersword Brings Some Vegetables
  18. Making Potpourri And Skipping
  19. Plants Need Sun
  20. Henry And The Pearl Shell
  21. Captain Feathersword And The Bear
  22. Dreaming
  23. Fairies Dance The Waltz
  24. Henry Sings A Song From Greece
  25. Captain Feathersword Swings A Hebrew Song
  26. Wags Sings 'Poesje Mauw'

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